Monday, January 24, 2011

Favourite pieces, Semester 2 Edition

 Crazy Cat Lady! We had to do an anthropomorphic drawing for Structural Drawing class so I looked into my cat encyclopaedia book (yes I have one), and there was a picture of a hairless cat. I thought the two fit purrfectly- haha I just couldn't resist!

 Enter the vector impala. (This one is done in illustrator over a picture I found on google image search). I chose the car because the impala is the car they drive in Supernatural...the one in the show is black though.

 As far as collages go, I'm pretty happy with this one cause they aren't really my thing. My cousin told me about a nightmare she had where the song You are my Sunshine was playing, and I thought that was pretty creepy so I filed it away in the back of my head for later use, and it came in handy! So I made a collage of a nightmare. (Most of the images are from google image search). Well it creeps me out, god I hate baboons... and dolls.

 This is a caricature of a friend I did in the style of Fairly Odd Parents. It's funny, I was trying for ages to do a realistic style caricature and it just wouldn't work, and then I was looking up styles for a completely different assignment and was practicing it. And then this just flew from my pencil in like seconds.

 Say hello to shy guy, (I just found a picture of him on google) and fooled around in Illustrator. I liked how it looked with the oil brushes.

 This pretty thing is the snailmobile. Done in both Photoshop and  (99%) Illustrator He absorbs whatever he can find on his quest to take over the world. So watch out.

We had to design a beer or wine label for ad. class, hence Tipsy Goat Cabernet.

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